PEPANZ Net Zero Committee

In 2017 PEPANZ created a Net Zero Committee to help the New Zealand petroleum sector in efforts to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

kate bromfield

Kate Bromfield – Elemental Group (Chair)

pepanz event

Member's Event

Our committee of 14 contains representatives from all major PEPANZ members and has an active programme of work underway.

We want to help our industry take a leadership role in the transition to a lower carbon economy.

This will include collating information and case studies to show how this is happening now, and potential improvements such as new practices, technological changes and offsets.

Members of the committee include:

  • Kate Bromfield – Elemental Group (Chair)
  • Anna Ririnui – New Zealand Oil & Gas (Deputy Chair)
  • Alison Lane – ERM
  • Jonathan Perry - ERM
  • Hamish McHaffie – Todd Energy
  • Matt Luscombe – Todd Energy
  • Josh Whitcombe – Westside
  • Matiu Park – OMV
  • Mike Pickles – Shell
  • Nick Jackson – Elemental Group
  • Nathan Palmer – Chevron
  • Sean Rush – Spindletop Law
  • Joshua O’Rourke – PEPANZ

In October 2018 we produced the report "A Changing Role: The Future of Oil and Gas in a Lower Carbon World"

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For more information please contact: