Our Priorities

We aim to secure conditions that enable Member companies to operate safely, sustainably and profitably.

We work with central and local government to ensure the country’s regulatory and commercial framework promotes investment and maximises the return to both industry and the community from developing the nation’s oil and gas resources.

We also seek to increase community and government understanding of the industry by publishing information about the sector’s activities and its importance to New Zealand, while also elivering direct value to our Members.

Our work is focused on three key themes: Advocate, Educate and Support. Through these themes, we aim to create for the industry a fair, transparent and workable regulatory environment, the trust and confidence of New Zealanders and tangible value for our Members.


Fair, transparent and workable regulatory environment

Policies needed to responsibly advance the sector are understood and advanced

Specific issues resolved (e.g. decomissioning regulations, EEZ regulations and guidance to Maritime Transport Rules)

Sensible district plans

Evidence-based, consistent, fair and stable policy settings for marine use and protection

Economically and environmentally reasonable and rational framework for emissions reduction

Effective relationships with key stakeholders


Trusted by New Zealanders

Regarded as an authoritative and reasonable voice in the debate about the future of energy and the environment

Increase public knowledge, favourability and trust in the sector

Promote evidence-based discussions about the sector and its role in providing energy and reducing emissions

Effective relationships with key stakeholders


Valued by Members

Increased networking opportunities for Members

Responsible and responsive to Members

Relevant and regular communication with Members

Outstanding conference

More guidelines developed

Effective relationships with Members