Membership Categories

Our Membership year is January to December and these are our full annual subscription levels.

Full member

Full membership of the Association shall be comprised of the following categories and annual subscriptions excluding GST:

Category 1 - Large Producer: Producers of hydrocarbons (including non-operating permit participants) with an annual production of two (2) million barrels of oil equivalent or greater: $189,000

Category 2 - Medium Producer: Producers of hydrocarbons (including non-operating permit participants) with annual production of more than one (1) hundred thousand barrels of oil equivalent and less than two (2) million barrels of oil equivalent: $94,500

Category 3 - Large Explorer: Explorers for hydrocarbons of a corporate size or undertaking a level of operations that in the reasonable opinion of PEPANZ are appropriate to be classified as large explorers: $63,000

Category 4 - Small Explorer/Small Producer: All other explorers for hydrocarbons  that are not classified in Category 3 (Large Explorer) and producers of hydrocarbons (including non-operating permit participants) with annual production of less than one (1) hundred thousand barrels of oil equivalent: $22,680

Category 5 - Large User: Users of hydrocarbons with an annual use of two (2) million barrels of oil equivalent or greater: $30,000

Category 6 - Key Infrastructure Provider: Provider of key infrastructure to the Petroleum Industry (e.g. transmission or distribution network operator, refinery operator, etc): $30,000 


An Associate Member of the Association shall be comprised of the following categories and annual subscriptions excluding GST:

Category 7 - Field Operations Services Provider: Any company that provides significant services related to the undertaking of field operations to the Petroleum Industry (e.g., seismic acquisition, well drilling, completion or testing, facility engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM), field operator providers): $12,600

Category 8 - Non-Field Services Provider: any  company that provides consultant services of a non-Field/ECPM/operational nature to the Petroleum Industry (e.g., legal, financial, technical, commercial, environmental, etc) or of such a size that, at the discretion of PEPANZ, qualifies for associate membership in this category: $4,410

Category 9 - Individual: any individual person or company consisting of a single individual that provides consultant services to the Petroleum Industry, any member of academia, government agency, reciprocal membership in the Association by another organisation similar to the Association or of such a size that, at the discretion of PEPANZ, qualifies for associate membership at a reduced subscription fee: $756


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