Code of Conduct

The oil and gas industry is proud of its environmental and health and safety record.

We expect our members to not only comply with all laws and regulations, but also do all they can to protect the environment and earn the trust and respect of the communities in which they operate.

These expectations are outlined in the PEPANZ Code of Conduct.


PEPANZ believes that by developing and growing our oil and gas industry we can enrich New Zealand’s future. The future of our member companies, our communities and the future of our country.

As the representative of the oil and gas industry PEPANZ seeks to provide its members with strong representation and advocacy, leadership for industry wide issues, while engaging openly with New Zealanders.

PEPANZ’s Principles of Conduct

PEPANZ expects Full Members to comply with all laws and regulations, and continually improve business practices and economic, safety, environmental and social performance. Continual improvement is consistent with the industry’s overall objective of developing the trust and respect of the communities in which it operates. In striving to achieve this, PEPANZ and its Full Members endorse the following Principles of Conduct:

1. Promote and adhere to ethical and responsible business practices, so that PEPANZ Full Members:

a. Make both ethical business practices and good corporate governance, including risk management strategies, pervasive features of company operations. 

b. Use open and effective communication and engagement with mana whenua, communities, regulators, government, and other affected parties.

2. Continuously strive to improve health, safety and environmental performance by:

a. Protecting people and the environment through the responsible management of operations and their impacts.

b. Engaging constructively with government and industry to develop appropriate principles/objectives-based standards.

c. Strengthening industry co-operation through support for industry codes of practice, forums and standards.

These principles outline the New Zealand petroleum industry’s shared values. Commitment to these principles is an expectation of PEPANZ membership.



PEPANZ Code of Conduct