Established in 1972, we are the industry association of the upstream oil and gas sector.

We proudly represent the companies that explore for, and produce, New Zealand’s oil and gas resources. Our Members produce an estimated 95 percent of New Zealand’s petroleum.

We also represent more than 30 associate member companies who provide a wide range of goods and services to the industry.

We are committed to leading an open, honest and transparent discussion about the role of oil and gas as part of our energy mix.

As part of this commitment, we advocate on behalf of our Members with central and local government, engage with New Zealanders to help educate and build better understanding about our sector, and support our Members in the work that they do.

Oil and gas resources are owned by the Crown on behalf of all New Zealanders and we believe that by developing our industry, we can enrich New Zealand’s future – the future of our Member companies, our communities and the future of our regions.